Get started using ToastExternal Link with the On-Brand Menu API

Create a Toast Source

First we need to setup a Toast source for the On-Brand Menu API. Sign in to the Developer Portal and navigate to the API KeysExternal Link section:

  1. Click the “Create New…” button .

  2. Select “API Source” .

  3. Name your new API Source to “My Toast Source”.

  4. From the “Source” dropdown, select “Toast”.

  5. Copy the unique location ID for your Toast source to the clipboard.

    ie. 2c92cb2c-eb29-430a-b3d8-33e80dca4956

  6. Log in to Toast POSExternal Link in another browser tab.

  7. From the Home page, navigate to the My IntegrationsExternal Link page.

  8. Click “Add Integrations”.

  9. Search for “Raydiant” and click “Add New”.

  10. Select the location(s) you’d like to connect to the On-Brand Menu API.

  11. Click the settings icon next to the Raydiant integration from the My IntegrationsExternal Link page.

  12. Paste the location ID from step 5 into the Location ID field and click “Apply”

    Add the Raydiant integration from Toast POS.
  13. Navigate back to the Developer Portal and click “Done”.

  14. Wait 10-15 seconds, if setup correctly you will see your new source successfully connect to your Toast location.

    Linked source

To connect multiple locations to the On-Brand Menu API repeat steps 1-13 for each location.

Toast menu groups and items nested up to 4-levels deep will be returned from the On-Brand Menu API.


Toast sized-based modifiers will be returned as sub-items from the On-Brand Menu API.

The On-Brand Menu API does not support groups of sub-items. Toast modifier groups will be flattened into a single list of sub-items.


Tags on Toast items and groups will be returned from the On-Brand Menu API.

You can use tags on groups to query for specific groups from the On-Brand Menu API.

Toast's multiLocationId is returned as a tag for groups, items and modifiers.

Sales Category

A Toast item’s sales category will be returned from the On-Brand Menu API.


All items and groups in a Toast menu will be returned from On-Brand Menu API.

We recommend building a specific Toast menu for your digital menus to limit the amount of groups and items that show up on your screens.

Sorting Items and Groups

The sort order of items and groups returned by the On-Brand Menu API is controlled via the order of the items and group set in Toast POS.


Set an items inventory status to “Out of Stock” or it’s “Quantity” to 0 to mark the item as out of stock.

Publishing Updates

Menu updates are applied whenever you publish a location and stock updates are applied when you hit “Save” in Toast POS.

We’ve integrated with Toast’s webhooks so that menu and stock updates are available from the On-Brand Menu API in under a minute.

Next Steps

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Last edited on May 15, 2024.
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