Inputs allow users to customize your app in the Raydiant Dashboard, for example:

  • Set the location for a Weather app with the text input.
  • Select a channel for a Newsfeed app with the select input.
  • Enable a QR code for a Custom Menu app with the toggle input.

The URL template of your app receives the values of its inputs by specifying where to inject them using the syntax :input-id:

When users customize your app in the Raydiant Dashboard the input values are injected into the URL template to render the resulting URL: York

Raydiant supports a variety of input types you can use to customize your app. Check out the Build an App tutorial for an in-depth walkthrough on how to add inputs.

Button Group

For small lists of 2-3 options.


Select multiple values from a list of options.


Set counts, quantities and durations.


Select a single value from a large list options.


Set headings, paragraphs and call to actions.


On/off, yes/no and enable/disable.

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Last edited on May 15, 2024.
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