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Get started using NCR AlohaExternal Link with the On-Brand Menu API.

Create a NCR Aloha Source

NCR Aloha support is currently in private beta, contact product@raydiant.comExternal Link and we’ll be in touch.

NCR Aloha sub menus will be returned as menu groups via the On-Brand Menu API.

Items and Modifiers

Modifiers in NCR Aloha will be returned as sub-items from the On-Brand Menu API. Sub-items are items that do not belong to a category but are instead associated with another menu item.

The On-Brand Menu API does not support groups of sub-items. NCR Aloha "Modifier Groups" attached to an item will be flattened into a single list of sub-items.


Menu items can inherit their price from a variety of options; however, only one price can be set for an item in a particular setting. The On-Brand Menu API will return the appropriate pricing based on the menu item’s configuration.


NCR Aloha does not have a dedicated calorie field: use the “Description” field to store calorie and other supplemental data about an item such as allergens or gluten-free.

Sales Category

NCR Aloha does not support sales categories.


Only NCR Aloha products and modifiers and marked as "Available" will be returned from the On-Brand Menu API.

Sorting Items and Groups

The sort order of categories returned in the On-Brand Menu API is controlled by the order that is set in the NCR Aloha Portal.

Publishing Updates

NCR Aloha does not support push notification for menu updates via webhook or other mechanisms at the moment.

The On-Brand Menu API is periodically updated for NCR Aloha restaurant locations: at the moment it is updated every hour, on the hour.

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