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The Raydiant Developer Platform is in private beta. If you are interested in building an app, get in touch at Link or talk to your account administrator.

A developer account will give you access to both the Raydiant Dashboard and the Developer Portal.

Raydiant Dashboard

The Raydiant DashboardExternal Link is where you can create playlists of content and publish them to your devices.

When you build a Raydiant app it will be available in the Dashboard, allowing you to test your app’s inputs, how it behaves in a playlist and publish it to a device.

Developer Portal

The Developer PortalExternal Link is where you can create and manage your Raydiant apps and API keys for the On-Brand Menu API.

You can also submit your app to the Marketplace through the Developer Portal to share it with thousands of other Raydiant users.

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Last edited on May 15, 2024.
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