API Keys

On-Brand Menu API keys allow you to securely access your menu data. API keys can only be used to read menu data from selected menus, they cannot be used to write or make calls to the underlying POS provider.

Before you can create an API key you must first create an API source for one of our supported POS providers.

Generating your own API keys is currently only available for Toast. You will be given an API key by our team as part of the Revel setup process.

Create an API Key

API keys can be created and managed from the Developer Portal’s API keysExternal Link section.

  1. Click the “Create New…” button .

  2. Select “API Key” .

  3. Name your new API Key to “My API Key”.

  4. From the “Source” dropdown, select an API source you’ve already created.

  5. Select the menu(s) you’d like the API key to be able to access. The menus your API key has permissions to access will show up as “API Ingredients” for the API key.

  6. Click “Generate API key”.

  7. Copy the generated API key to your clipboard.

    ie. a98b440c16414f9c8a8c3fc239ce84fe

Single vs multiple API Keys: You can create a single API key for multiple locations and menus to avoid remembering which key goes with which menus and locations.

Known issue: After creating an API key for a new Source, you may need to re-publish your menus before data is returned by the groups endpoint.

How to Authenticate

To make an authenticated request to the On-Brand Menu API set the X-API-Key header.

For example: X-API-Key: a98b440c16414f9c8a8c3fc239ce84fe.

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Last edited on May 15, 2024.
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